2019 HOA Assessments Due

Dear Shadow Creek Ranch Homeowners:

We would like to remind our residents that the 2019 HOA assessments are due and must be received by January 31st. Payments can be made online by credit or debit card for a nominal fee or by e-check (ACH) from a bank account at no cost. Simply visit the Shadow Creek Ranch HOA website at www.shadowcreekranchhoa.com and follow the “Pay Online” prompted instructions.

Payments received after January 31st, 2019 will be assessed a late fee of $100.00 plus finance charges.

PAYMENT PLANS: Payment plans options are available until January 31st, 2019. If you are unable to pay the balance in full, please contact the Shadow Creek Ranch HOA office at Help@shadowcreekranchhoa.com. Payment plans approved prior to January 31st will continue to accrue interest charges, however the collection proceedings will be suspended as long as payments are made in accordance to an approved payment plan agreement.

NOTE: The Association is not required to enter into a payment plan with an owner who failed to honor the terms of a previous payment plan during the two years following the owner’s previous payment plan default.

A friendly reminder – If you have not yet removed your Holiday decorations from the outside of your home, please do so by January 31st.

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