Blue Ridge Landfill Information

Blue Ridge Landfill

The City of Pearland has created a dedicated web page for information sharing.

Completed TCEQ investigation reports are being posted to this web page.

Complaints about landfill odors can be made by telephone to the TCEQ Houston Region Waste Complaint Line 713-767-3641.

Other air complaints may be filed with the TCEQ Houston Region Air Quality Complaint Line at 713-767-3714.

For citizens unable to file a complaint by phone, information about how to file complaints with TCEQ online may be found at

Citizens are also encouraged to download and complete an odor log from the TCEQ website at

When completed, these logs may be provided to investigators to assist them with their investigations. Additional information about the TCEQ complaint investigation process can be found at

Sections of special interest include “What if Your Complaint is about an Odor” and “Gathering and Preserving Information and Evidence Showing a Violation.”

October 18, 2017: Municipal Solid Waste in Texas: A Year in Review, FY 2016 Data Summary & Analysis

October 7, 2017: Quarterly Sludge Summary Report Form

October 1, 2017: Pearland Odor Complaints Fact Sheet