Lake Maintenance Updates

Lake Management Services (LMS)

LMS were in Shadow Creek Ranch November 6th & 7th for scheduled maintenance. On each of their visits, LMS changes light bulbs/accompanying hardware and cleans fountain heads as needed. They also removed trash from in and around the lakes, check fountains, lights, and timers and treat submerged algae. On this week’s visit they reset all of the light timers on the fountains due to the recent time change, and changed the on/off times to 6:00pm/6:00am throughout all lakes.

On this visit, LMS changed one light clip that was broken and reported lake level were 2 inches high due to the recent rain. LMS reported the light cord for the middle fountain on Lake Kelly is damaged and needs to be replaced. They ordered the cord and will have it installed as soon as it is received. The fountain at Lake Rachel has been re-installed and the lake levels were normal.

Lake Paige’s middle fountain has been removed due to continued maintenance issues. They’ve reported it has internal damages that cannot be repaired and must be replaced. New motors were recently installed at Lake Diane and Lake Nicole.